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STEM, Arts & Gifted Education

Isaac Litton is a STEM-themed magnet school located in East Nashville wherecoaster in lib students learn to think in unconventional ways to solve problems. We partner with the top scientists, engineers, mathematicians and researchers in our region and utilize the most current technologies. The skills we teach will enable students to be successful in any career because we help them see and understand how knowledge gained across all of the subject areas come together to aid problem-solving. 

In line with this STEM theme, every nine weeks students complete an interdisciplinary STEM project, which help connects what the students are learning in the classroom to the real world. Each December, we hold a school-wide STEM Showcase, where students from each grade select projects to showcase to the whole school.

Additionally, we offer Encore, the district's gifted education program, and we have a STEM-related arts class, which students rotate through every nine weeks, as well as other related arts classes such as physical education, art and music.

Isaac Litton's band program is another of the school's success stories. Led by a passionate band director, the program has grown exponentially in the past four years to include a beginner, intermediate, rock, pep and honor band.

All of this takes place in our LEED-certified, green building. We have big, bright double-pane windows, motion-sensor lights and plumbing, and climate-controlled classrooms throughout the school. Our classrooms are also equipped with interactive Smart Boards.

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8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

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District 3

Litton Awarded Magnet School Grant

Isaac Litton STEM Middle School has secured a groundbreaking grant from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights to become a theme-focused magnet school. This multi-million-dollar grant over five years will implement innovative curriculum, elevate STEM-focused staff training, provide endless experiences for students and so much more.

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